A November morning on the Redds

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A group of members accompanied IFI’S Stephen Byrne and 3 of his colleagues on a trip to the Redds on 13 November 2021. We visited 2 separate locations and despite being a bit early in what was a delayed main spawning season we saw fresh redds and fish working them in both places.

The highlight of the trip was to see the fish below move out onto her redd and start shifting lumps of gravel in front of us.

Moving into position
Cutting the redd – you can see the clean gravel she has shifted previously just below her
Just look at the power of her tail as she works the redd

The scenery on the upper Slaney at this time of year is stunning and as always Stephen provided a fascinating commentary on what was happening.

A lovely pool
Stephen Byrne pointing out a redd
Part of the group

Many thanks for a great day to the landowners, IFI and Ger Fogarty who helped organise access. It was great to be back on redds again and get such a view of the action.