2024 Regulations

Under the CONSERVATION OF SALMON AND TROUT (RIVER SLANEY) BYE-LAW NO. 1000, 2022 the Slaney is open for salmon fishing on a catch and release basis only from 17 March 2024 to 31 August 2024.

The fishing is on a fly only basis for the entire river above Enniscorthy bridge and single or double barbless hooks must be used.

Worm fishing is banned on the entire river while other methods, using a single barbless hook only, are permitted below Enniscorthy bridge.

The same season applies for sea trout and brown trout and again barbless hooks must be used. Any sea trout over 40 cms is treated as a salmon and must be immediately returned to the water alive.

Conservation of seatrout Bye-law 1007 of 2023 permits an angler to retain a maximum of 3 sea trout under 40 cms in any one day. All other seatrout must immediately be returned to the water alive.

Catch and Release

When practising catch and release salmon should be released as soon as possible with the minimum of handling. Fish must not be lifted up by the tail as this can cause considerable damage. Wherever possible unhook it in the water and don’t drag it up on the bank. If you want to take a photo ideally do it in the water or lift the fish fully supported by both hands for the briefest time possible. IFI provides advice on C&R technique here.

an example of good C&R photo technique