Fishing Report 29th March 16

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Following opening day fish have been reported but in small numbers. The recent rain on Friday pushed the river up to about 2 feet on the gauge but levels have already dropped back to just over the foot mark. This water, combined with high tides, has brought some fresh fish up. At Clohamon fish were caught over the past 2 days and a few fish were seen running. Today John Phelan from Laois Angling Centre landed a small fish and Andrew Kelly also landed his second of the season, again, a small fish of about 7 lbs. Up river a couple of fish were landed, Paddy Condron had a fine fish of about 10 lbs and Eoin Jackman had one today of 7lbs, both at Kilbride. Since opening day  2 more fish have been landed on Ganly’s while down river Kevin Clayton landed the first fish at Strahart. Ian Fox soon followed with another fish from the same beat. The first fish was also taken at Clobemon over the Easter period and at least one more was lost while at Tombrick, a number of fish have been hooked but all have managed to avoid the net.

The trend from opening day has continued as it seems that fishing is best from Clohamon up. Fishing should improve over the coming weeks though as the run builds (we hope) and hopefully, for the lower beats, fish slow up a little. The other interesting aspect so far is the size of the fish. Anglers are reporting that the majority of fish seen, lost or landed are much smaller than the typical Slaney springer, with the majority of fish ranging from 6 to 8 lbs. It could be the case that the early springers are that bit smaller than the April and May fish about to arrive. We live in hope!