Report week ending 1 July

The river has stayed at winter level virtually all week and even now is at 2ft. As a result the sea trout are very well spread out in the main river and will be hard to catch until they are more concentrated. A side effect of this is that trout anglers are meeting numbers of salmon with 2 rods both getting 2 salmon on Sunday. The tributaries are producing good numbers of sea trout.

The high water has had one very undesirable side effect with a number of unscrupulous and illegal anglers targeting and killing salmon using flying Cs and other spinners (sometimes) under the cover of bubble and fly fishing. Generally this involves trespassing on Club and other private water. This is taking place despite the best efforts of IFI who are actively patrolling the river. The problem is most acute in locations close to the road such as the area immediately below Clohamon weir. We have to ensure that the fly only and catch and release rules are observed by all anglers if the river is to recover.