Catches on the Slaney

10th March 2005
left: Paddy Syme (Gorey), with his 15lb salmon, caught at Carlton’s Stream with a ‘black & yellow’.
mid: Alex Schelnberger (Germany), assisting Bud in landing her fish.
right: Bud Gethin Lewis (Wales) with her 12lb salmon caught at Ash Tree Pool with a black flying ‘C’. 

10th March 2005
left: Frank Thornton (Enniscorthy & District Angling Association) with his 12lb salmon caught at Ballinapark with a black & rubber gold (7gm).
right: Clive Gammon (Wales)

10th March 2005
David Keane (Cork) with his 8lb salmon caught at Kiln Hole with a black & yellow Waddington.

November 2003
A dead cock salmon apparently speared and left or lost, it weighed in at just under 30lbs. 

21st June 2001
John Duff (Tullow). A 4lb 10oz wild brown trout, caught on a floating line, 3lbs. breaking strain leader, size 14 Silver Invicta wetfly.

4th April 2000
22lb salmon, caught on a green & silver, being returned to the Slaney.

Pat Cronin with his 35lb salmon caught at Basket Hole Pool


Pat Doyle’s father with 6 salmon caught upstream from Enniscorthy.
late 1950s
Brian McCormick with 30lb salmon caught at Wells Stream, Tombrick fishery, with a prawn fly.

RW Hall Dare & his nephew, with a Slaney salmon.