Bright Conditions River Gin Clear on Opening Day

The Slaney opened on 1 April with gin clear water which had been falling slowly for a week and bright sunshine. The first anglers on the river at around 8 am were greeted by temperatures of -1C.

We know of at least 10 fish landed, a fair number were lost and a good many pulls encountered. Most of the action was from Bunclody downstream although at least 1 fish was landed further upstream and a number were seen.

In general, the fish were very fresh like the fish below. One was reported as being in the 14lb plus category and 2 well mended kelts were also landed.

A special mention for Hans Joerg Werner who landed 2 fish the best of which was 9lbs. He was a member of a party of German Anglers visiting the river and had been given the trip as a present for his 80th birthday. The picture below shows his second smaller fish