Productive Start to the season

The 10 days since the opening day have been an eventful period on the Slaney as the water has slowly dropped. We have seen a mixture of small, typically 6 to 7 lb, fish landed with a sprinkling of big double figure fish virtually all of them sea sliced. In total in the region of 40 fish have been landed since the opening day.

A lot of fish have been hooked and lost. For example, a pod of fish moved through 3 fisheries, (spread over a couple of miles of river) on Monday afternoon and 12 fish were hooked with only 3 landed including one of at least 20 pounds. A number of the same rods had had a complete blank 3 days earlier.

The pictures below show 2 of Monday’s fish both of which are clearly in double figures.

There has been a number of poaching incidents with fish being killed and anglers are encouraged to report any incidents to IFI as soon as possible.

We would love to publish more photos but a number we have received are not suitable as they show fish out of the water on the bank. if you are taking a photo please minimise the time the fish is out of the water like this picture from the first few days of the season.