Difficult First Week Of Season

After several weeks with no rain we opened on the 17th with the river high and coloured and that has continued for the first week with the river basically unfishable on a number of days as the heavy rain kept it topped up and very coloured.

Our rods were delighted to be able to get out in March for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, due to the conditions and a scarcity of fish in the river, the first Slaney Springer of the year has so far proved elusive.

We know of three fish lost as of 24 March. One in Enniscorthy on Monday, one between Bunclody and Ballycarney on Sunday and the third one further upriver on the opening day. One concerning development is the continued presence of 2 seals which have been seen from Ballycarney to as far upstream as Clohamon.

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