Rescheduled Slaney River Trust Seminar was held on 5 March 2011

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The rescheduled seminar held on 5 March. A report on the seminar will be included in the annual news letter.

In addition to Paul Johnston’s presentation of his second Review of the River Slaney Salmon Fishery, papers were presented by Eamon Cusack on the Legal and Practical Background to Private Water keeper legislation,Willie Roche on Current Scientific Studies in the Slaney Catchment and David McInerney on Inland Fisheries Ireland new structures.

It was explained to the meeting the decision to reopen the river to salmon fishing on a catch and release basis was taken in light of the satisfactory levels of Juvenile stock revealed in the annual electro fishing surveys.

Amongst the issues raised from the floor were questions over the level of predation occurring as a result of the seal and cormorant populations with the suggestion that there were very large populations of seals in wexford harbour. see photo of seals