SRT Guidelines

Apologies for the delay in offering guidance in relation to the salmon angling season due to commence on Wednesday 1st April. We decided not to advise up until now due to the ever changing regulations and restrictions and feared an early statement could well have led our members astray. However, IFI issued the following Covid – 19 update below, providing some clarity for us.

What IFI have said it that it is not illegal to go fishing. However, for those who do venture out they must not breach the current regulations. Anglers must not be further than 2km from their home and practice all social distancing procedures. After this anglers must have permission from the fishery owner/club to fish and must carry a salmon licence. As you will see from IFI’s report licence sales from IFI (including online) have been suspended and they have also recommended distributors do not sell licences. IFI have also closed all state fisheries.

The Slaney River Trust also understands that the majority of fisheries and clubs along the river Slaney have decided to close until Sunday 12th April at the earliest. Based on this our advice is to refrain from fishing for the time being and wait for the government and IFI’s guidance and direction.

It is so hard with this beautiful Spring weather to not have the opportunity to wet a line, but our time will come, sooner if we all heed the government’s advice. We will issue further updates over the coming days and weeks.