Chairman’s Report 2020

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Dear Members,

I hope you are all well and coping with the virus situation. I think most SRT members have refrained from fishing following COVID guidelines. There has been a good run of salmon into the Slaney however and some people have been fishing rightfully. There also have been quite a number of illegal anglers taking advantage of the COVID situation and seemingly have caught quite a number of salmon. The IFI bailiffs are limited in the work they can do this year but have given tickets to some of those illegal fishermen.The Tullow club have decided to open fishing again to members with strict advice to follow government guidelines in relation to COVID. Part of Tullow club fishing is a government fishery and this will remain closed until the government lifts the restriction off their fisheries. Some presence on the river might restrict some of the poaching. Prior to this whole covid situation the SRT had been making great progress in relation to the tail race screen at Clohamon. Thanks to the tremendous work of Kris Murphy, the final stage of design for the screen is being decided upon with the owner there. Planning application will then be submitted. Hopefully we will be ready to construct the new screen when covid restrictions are fully lifted. Quite a number of salmon and over 3000 sea trout were trapped again last year so it is vital that we continue our efforts to complete the project at Clohamon. It was our intention to hold our Annual general meeting before the start of season this year however this was decided against due to the virus outbreak. We will consider having one at a later date should restrictions be lifted and we feel it safe to do so. Even though this is a difficult time the SRT board is still active and proactive with IFI for the protection of the river so I urge everyone to keep paying their membership, it is needed to help continue our efforts to better the fishing on the Slaney and would be very much appreciated.
Take care
Richard Burgess  ( Chairman)

If you can please support the SRT despite Covid 19.

All the work carried out by your board is on a voluntary basis. We are working on your behalf on many critical issues along the river. We are working on the Clohamon Millrace project, and are making good progress in relation to finding a solution to the catastrophic grid issue. We are involved in implementing a system to protect the river from poaching, including recruiting additional water keepers. We provide anglers with an excellent river gauge and provide fishing reports on a regular basis through-out the season. We invest in insurance for all our members.

These important items consume many man hours and incur considerable expenditure, all of which are funded by membership subscriptions alone.

The subscription amount for 2020 is unchanged at €50. As in previous years, it includes Public and Personal Accident insurance cover.

Payment can be made by:

  1. Posting a cheque to Thomas Mernagh, Ballybawn Lane, Rathnure, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford made payable to Slaney Rodfishers Association.
  2. Via our PayPal facility.
  3. By direct transfer with your name as reference to:

BOI                                   Slaney Rod Fishers Current Account

Account Number             62533355

IBAN                                IE62 BOFI 9065 6662 5333 55

BIC                                   BOFIIE2D

Thank you very much to those who are joining for the first time and to those who support every year.