Please return your logbook on time

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Please remember to return your completed and signed logbook to IFI no later than the 19th of October. Logbook returns are an important component of the advisory committees decision making process on whether individual  rivers are to be open or closed. it is … Continued

Have you been fishing abroad ?

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A reminder for all anglers who may have been lucky enough to have been salmon fishing abroad, particularly in Norway, the Baltic and parts of Russia, that they must disinfect their gear before going fishing here to avoid the transmission … Continued

Pressure for return of drift nets

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This month’s Marine Times has a 2 page spread outlining the case put  to the Joint  Committee of Agriculture, Marine and Natural Resources  hearing on  the impact of fishing restrictions on the  the Islands. There is a much longer report on … Continued

Report to 6 August

It would seem that there was very limited angling activity during 8 days ending on the bankholiday. I only heard of 5 rod days with 4 salmon landed. Yesterday the river was still quite coloured and high but fast sinking tips and size … Continued

Warning Asain Clam Threat

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The Asian Clam represents a real threat to our rivers.This highly invasive species is now present in parts of the Nore, Barrow, and Shannon and can be easily spread to other rivers via angling or boating gear. It has the capacity … Continued